Juanita Loring Woolsey


Personal and Family Information

Juanita was born on 6 JUL 1898 in Kay County, Oklahoma, the daughter of James P. Woolsey and Sarah Belle Barr.

She died on 7 SEP 1988 in Oklahoma County, Oklahoma.

Her husband was Irvin L Eastwood, who she married on 22 DEC 1918 in Canadian County, Oklahoma. They had no known children.

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Juanita Loring Woolsey


James P. Woolsey


James Woolsey


Nancy R Woods


Dysart Woods


Sarah Holmes


Sarah Belle Barr



Birth6 JUL 1898
Place: Kay County, Oklahoma
Death7 SEP 1988
Place: Oklahoma County, Oklahoma
Census5 JUN 1900
Place: Noble County, Oklahoma
Address: Auburn Twp, dwelling 31 family 31 Woolsey, James, head wm born Dec 1858, age 42 married 20 yrs born Ark, f Ark, m Tenn, Insurance Agent __ Belle S , wife, wf born Feb 1863 age 37, married 20 yrs, mother of 6, 5 living born Ark, f Alabama, m Ark __ Pearl S, daughter wf born Feb 1881, age 181 single, born Arl, f &m Ark __ Wight W, wm born Oct 1885 age 14 single born Ark f&m Ark __ Barr J, wm born Jan 1893, age 6 single born Ok, f&m Ark ___ Juanita wf born July 1898 age 1 single born OK f&m Ark
Census20 APR 1910
Place: Oklahoma County, Oklahoma
Age: 11
Address: Oklahoma City, East 6th street, house 505, dwelling 164, family 183 Woolsey, James P, head, mw age 52 married1, 26 yrs, born Ark, f&m Ark, Banker, retired __ Sarah B wife, fw age 45 married 1 26 yrs, mother of 5, 5 living born Ark, f&m Ark __ Virgil E, son mw age 25 single born Ark f&m Ark, conductor on RR __ Bow J, son mw age 15 single born OK f&m Ark, __ Juanita, daughter fw age 11 single born OK, f&m Ark and seven unrelated roomers ages 21 to 18
Census16 MAY 1930
Place: Oklahoma County, Oklahoma
Address: Oklahoma City, West 36th, house 1104, dwelling 368, family 395 Eastwood, Irwin L, head rents home $40, mw age 34 married age 24 born North Carolina, f &m North Carolina __ Jaunita, wife fw age 32 married age 22 born Oklahoma, f&m Arkansas __ Margaret L, daughter fw age 1/12 ? single born Oklahoma f NC m Ok
Place: Denver County, Colorado
Address: Denver, Sherman Street, house 1854 Irvin L Eastwood age 46 Juanita L Eastwood 41 born Oklahoma Margaret Lee Eastwood age 11
BurialSEP 1988
Place: Oklahoma County, Oklahoma
Age: 90
Address: Fairlawn Cemetery, Oklahoma City findagrave 51398611 links to spouse, son, parents and brother