Jewel D. Woods


Personal and Family Information

Jewel was born on 30 JAN 1897 in McDonald County, Missouri, the son of John Riley Woods and Mary Elizabeth Maxwell.

He died on 9 JUL 1983 in California.

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Jewel D. Woods


John Riley Woods


John Riley Woods


Dysart Woods


Sarah Holmes


Margaret Ann Woods


Samuel Purviance Woods


Elizabeth Greaves Dickson


Mary Elizabeth Maxwell


Michael Burkhalter Maxwell


Ebenezer Maxwell


Martha Jane Griffin


America Jane Woods


William Harvey Woods


Mary Greaves Dickson



Birth30 JAN 1897
Place: McDonald County, Missouri
Death9 JUL 1983
Place: California
Address: findagave 85552192 as Joseph Dinsmore Woods, no photo California Death Index Joseph Dinsmore Woods 545036885 born 30 Jan 1897 Missouri death 9 July 1983 Orange County, mother maiden name Maxwell
Census21 JUN 1900
Place: McDonald County, Missouri
Address: Anderson Twp, dwe;;ing 239 family 244 Woods, John R, head wm born Sept 1856 age 43 married 13 yrs born Ark, f&m Tenn, farmer. __ Mary E wife wf born Aug 1862 age 37 married 13 yrs mother of 4, 3 lving, b Ark f Tenn, m Ark __ Riley M, son wm June 1888 age 12 single, born Ark, f&m Ark farm labor __ Cecil E, son wm Aug 1889 age 10 single, born Ark, f Ark m Ark __ Jewel D, son wm, Jan 1897 age 3 single, born Missouri, f & m Ark
Census19 APR 1910
Place: Crook County, Oregon
Address: Redmond, dwelling 11, family 11 Woods, John R, head mw age 53, m1 23 yrs born Ark, f Tenn m Tenn, farmer __ Mary E, wife fw age 47, marreid 1, 23 yrs mother of 4, 3 living, born Ark, f Tenn, m Ark __ Riley M, son mw age 21 single born Ark, f&m Ark, carpenter, house __ Cecil E son mw age 20 single born Ark f&m Ark __ Jewel D , son mw age 13 single, born MIssouri, f&m Ark
Census8 JAN 1920
Place: Weld County, Colorado
Address: Greeley city, Fifth street house 1013 dwelling 130 family 211 Woods, Riley m, head owns home with morgage, mw age 31 married born Ark f &m Ark, laborer at sugar factory __ Alice E wife, age 25 married , born Missouri f&m Missouri __ Gordon, son, mw age 1 month, single born Ark, f Ark mMissouri __ J.R. father, mw age 67 married, born Ark, f Tenn m Ark, carpenter __ Lizzie, mother, age 57 married born Ark f Tenn m Ark __ Jule D, brother mw age 22 single born Missouri, f Ark m Ark, operator for telegraph
BurialJUL 1983
Place: Los Angeles, California
Address: Joseph Dinsmore Woods on findagrave 85552192 Forest Lawn Memorial Park - no photo only has WW1 draft regs as Jewel D Woods