Mary Green


Personal and Family Information

Mary was born in 1785 in Virginia, the daughter of unknown parents.

Her husband was Asher Shelton, who she married on 1 MAY 1798 in Logan County, Kentucky. They had no known children.


Place: Virginia
Census6 AUG 1850
Place: Todd County, Kentucky
Address: Dist 1, line 27, dwelling 313 family 311 Asher Shelton age 81 male farmer, $350 born Va Mary “ age 65 female, Va Ralph age 41 male , unknown Jessee 39 male born Ky Sarah age 31 female Ky Polly age 27 female Ky
Census-Todd Ky 1850 D313


Note 1

The Rev. Asher Shelton

Posted 30 Aug 2008 by wshelton111

Asher Shelton is the oldest known child of Jeremiah and Nancy(Asher) Shelton. Asher was born in Virginia. and in 1797-1798, he moved with his father into the Logan co., - butler co. ky area.

Asher married in1798 to Mary Green , and in 1799 is found on the Butler co. ky. suveyors books as owning land along the Sandy creek and Big Muddy River area. In this area(and on ajoining land ) his father Jeramiah, and brothers Joshua, Abednigo, Jesse, Jeremiah jr., and Glibert. Also his sisters Rhoda (shelton) Gough, and Elizabeth (shelton) whitaker were all living in this area with there families. It is noted that Jeremiahs children all lived along the Sand Creek until 1815. At this time, there was a a complete disbursement of the family to different areas of Kentucky, and after 1815, only Jeremiah and Ebednigo are found still living in Butler co.

From 1799 to Ashers departure in 1813, he was a constitutional member of the Sandy Creek Baptist Church. Asher is found in the origanal church minutes as a founding member, along with his brothers Joshua and Jesse.Also william Gough, husband of Rhoda (shelton) Gough Ashers sister. Asher was an Ordained minister of the Baptist Church in 1805, thus he was ordained some time before , possibly in Virginia. Asher left Sandy Creek in 1807 , and from 1807to 1813, it is unknown which church he attended , however it would probably be one of the several churches that were formed from Sandy Creek congregation in early 1800,s.

Asher was very active in Sandy Creek Church. He was voted as a delegate to the Baptist Church Convention in 1805, and in 1812, he returned Sandy Creek to participate in Ordaining John P. Taylor as a minister. Asher was joined in doing this by Rev. Benjamin Tolbert and Rev. Joseph Taylor (husband of a daughter of rhoda (shelton)Gough). He received his license to perform marriages in Butler co. ky. in 1810 sept.

Around 1813 , Asher moved into the Allegre-sharon Grove area. At the time , this was part of Christian co. ky. but in 1820, it was sectioned off and became what is now Todd co. ky. Asher stayed in this immediate area from 1813 until his death in late 1852. From the time Asher arrived in Todd co. area until 1834, he was associated with tha Mount Carmel Baptist Church. At this time, records of MT. Carmel Church havent been found, and any imformation on this church would be greatly appreciated.

In 1834, Asher Shelton, along with his 2 son -in -laws John C. and William Hearn and families, broke or left the Mt. Carmel Church and formed their own congregation. This group met at church built between Sam Duvalls home and Mt. Carmel Church until 1850, at Blacks School house and Wades School house from 1850-1856, and was officially named the New liberty Church in 1854. During the years from 1834 to 1852, Asher served as minister in the the congregation , and also brought his son Jesse into the membership as a minister of the gospel. After Ashers death Jesse continued to preach in the church until 1856. In this year, the church met with another congregation and organized itself for union purposes( anti-slavery in the civil war), and at this time, Jesse left. The church continued to its disbanding in the early 1930s.

During his years in Todd Co. , Asher also serverd as a school teacher of note. From 1825-1830, Asher taught at J.M. Peppers Schoohouse, and during this time , Ashers son Jesse also functioned as a school teacher at the same place.

Asher was widely known and active in the central Kentucky area , and he has been found on official county records in , Butler, Logan, Todd, Christian, and Muhlenburg counties. As a minister, Asher performed marriages in Butler, Todd, Logan, Muhlenburg counties of Kentucky, and his records are found extensively in his first marriage book of Todd co. ky. It is also an interesting note that Asher performed the marriages of three of his sons , John Bunyan, Crispen, and Ralph. He also gave a poetic written consent for his daughter Magdelene to marry John C Hearn. Also , it is noted that Asher performed the marriages for many of Sheltons married in Central Kentucky during this time.

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