Mack C. Ennis


Personal and Family Information

Mack was born on 21 Mar 1863 in South Carolina, the son of unknown parents.

He died on 6 Sep 1924 in Jackson County, Arkansas.

His wife was Nora Jones, who he married on 9 NOV 1915 in Jackson County, Arkansas. They had no known children.


Birth21 MAR 1863
Place: South Carolina
Death6 SEP 1924
Place: Jackson County, Arkansas
Place: DeSoto County, Mississippi
Age: 18
Address: Reynolds, dwelling 13, Mat C Ennis age 18 born South Carolins Niram Ennis Elizabeth Ennis Ldane Ennis Thomas Ennis John Mc Celvey
Census27 APR 1910
Place: Jackson County, Arkansas
Address: Breckenridge Twp, dwelling 160 family 164 Ennis, Mack C. head mw age 45, married 2, for 2 yrs born north Carolina, f&m North Carolina __ Mahaly J, wife fw age 45 married 2, for 2 yrs, mother of 11, 8 living , born Illinois f Illinois, m Indiana __Glover, Lonnice C stepson mw age 19 single born Ark, f Virginia, m Illinois Reynolds , walter, hired man mw age 18 single born Ark
Census2 JAN 1920
Place: Jackson County, Arkansas
Age: 51 to 52
Address: Breckenridge Twp, farm dwelling 3, family 3 McEnnis, Mack, head, rented home , mw age 52, married, born South Carolina, f&m South Carolina, farmer __ Nora, daughter fw age 30 marrdied born Ark, f Missouri, m South Carolina __ Christine daughter fw , age 3 single born Ark, f South Carolina, m Arkansas __ John son mw age 1 single born Ark, f South Carolina, m Arkansas __ Dale, son mw age 9, single born Ark, f South Carolina, m Arkansas __ Woodrow son mw age 6, single born Ark, f South Carolina, m Arkansas