Joanna Leigh


Personal and Family Information

Joanna was born about 1752 in North Court, Isle of Wight, England, the daughter of unknown parents.

She died in 1814 in England.

Her husband was Richard Bennett Lloyd, who she married in JUL 1775 in Probably England. They had no known children.


BirthABT 1752
Place: North Court, Isle of Wight, England
Place: England


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Note 1

Captain of the Coldstream Guards -- Peggy Ayers 9/98 -4 page document


Partly interrupting the row of monuments of the successive Col. Edward Lloyds and their wives by projecting from it is a flat tomb :

Here lieth intered the remains of

Captain eichard lloyd

who was born the 13th of August 1750

And departed this life Sept 22nd 1787

The slab, 3 by 6 1/2 feet, is elevated on pillars at the comers.

Captain Richard Bennett Lloyd, second son of Col. Edward and Ann (Rousby) Lloyd was educated with his older brother Edward, in England and became a Captain in the Coldstream Guards and married Joanna Leigh, daughter of John and Amelia Leigh, of North Court in the Isle of Wight.

In the Revolutionary War he resigned from the British Army and with his wife and children came to Maryland, where he had large possessions. At the end of the war his family returned to England, but he died at Wye House. The two older of the four children, Edward and Richard Bennett Lloyd were sent back to Maryland, Richard Bennett being drowned at Bladens- burg 4 July 1789 and Edward settling at or near Alexandria, Virginia, and leaving descendants. The two younger children, Henry and Emily, remained in England, Henry dying un-married a Major in the India Army, and Emily marrying Dean George Gifford Ward of Lincoln and leaving descendants.

Mrs. Joanna (Leigh) Lloyd married, 2nd, Francis Love Beckford, of Basing Park, Hampshire; letters from her, before and after her 2nd marriage, to her brother in law Col. Edward Lloyd are preserved at Wye House. Her portrait, cutting Richard Bennett Lloyd's name on a tree, by Sir Joshua Reynolds, is now in Baron Rothschild's gallery. Captain Richard Bennett Lloyd's portrait in scarlet and white uniform and with the Horse Guards in the background, by Benjamin West, is at Wye House, another — probably by Charles Wilson Peale, who certainly painted one in 1770 at Annapolis — is in possession of Mr. Josias Pennington of Baltimore — a Lloyd in descent.


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