John William Glover


Personal and Family Information

John was born on 30 Jun 1792 in North Carolina, the son of unknown parents.

He died in 1855 in Prairie County, Arkansas.

He had four marriages/partners. His first wife was Elizabeth Parker, who he married on 29 APR 1816 in Northamption County, North Carolina. Their nine known children were Anna Rebecca (1818-1897), William Hiram (1818-1891), James Washington (1822-1899), John Osborn (1827-1881), Samuel (1829-1898), Mary M. (1831-?), Elizabeth Hawkins (1831-1887), Thomas P Monroe (1833-1872) and George Washington (1835-1914).

His second wife was Mary Elizabeth Kirby, who he married on 8 JAN 1846 in Madison County, Tennessee. Their only known child was Celia (1846-c1917).

His third wife was Emily Kirby, who he married in JUN 1847 in Tennessee. They had no known children.

His fourth wife was Silvia Pearcy, who he married in 1848 in Tennessee. Their only known child was Henry Clay (c1850-1891).


Birth30 JUN 1792
Place: North Carolina
Agency: Eileen L Poss, Rt 2 Box 76, Cabot Ark, dated July 1981
Place: Prairie County, Arkansas
Place: Northampton Cty, North Carolina
Place: Northampton Cty, North Carolina
Place: Northampton Cty, North Carolina
Census17 OCT 1850
Place: Madison County, Tennessee
Address: dist 11, dwelling 373, family 373 Lewis Pearcy age 54 m, farmer $800, born NC Mary “ age 45 f NC George “ age 12 m, Tennessee John Glover age 23 m, carpenter, born NC Susan “ age 16 born Tennessee dwelling 374, fam 374 John Glover age 57 carpenter bor NC Sylvia “ age 35 f born NC Samuel “ age 21 m carpenter NC Minroe “ age 17 m NC George W 14 m NC Mary “ 19 f NC Elizaabeth Parker age 17 f NC Celia Glover age 4 f Tenn next page Fam 374 cont Ruben C Glover age 7/12 m born Tenn


Place: Lonoke County, Arkansas
Address: Present day Butlerville, Lonoke County findagrave 5734196 with wife, links to 7 Children


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Note 1

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Name John William GLOVER

Lifespan 1798-1855

Where Born Northampton County, NC

Additional Notes

Children of J.W. Glover that traveled with him to Eagle Township(Prairie now Lonoke County) in 1852 were

Rueben C. Glover(1849-1860);

Henry Clay Glover(1850-1891);

Anna Rebecca Glover(1817-1887);

William H. Glover(1818-1891);

James Washington Glover(1822-1899);

John Osborn Glover(1825-?);

Samuel Glover(1829-?);

Mary Glover(1831-?);

Elizabeth Hawkins Glover(1831-1887);

Thomas P. Monroe Glover(1833-1872):

George Washingon Glover(1835-1914);

Celia W. Glover(1846-?).

Information from family records.

Migration Steps

to Madison County, TN in 1845

to Prairie County now Lonoke County, AR in 1852

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