1948 Laura Conner High School Devilaire

This is the first annual of Laura Conner High School in Augusta, Arkansas and is unique in many ways. The school year began in September 1947 and ended in May 1948 as detailed in a calendar titled "The Devil's Diary" in part 3 of this presentation.

Although the title indicates high school, this is one of the last that included grades 1 thru 12. In 1950 a new elementary school was opened on the north side of town, and grades 1 thru 5 moved into the new building shortly after the school year began. The class of 1962 was beginnng the first grade in Sept 1950 and was the last class to start their formal education in the Laura Conner High School building.


Part 1 of 4 sixteen pages includes dedication to Laura Conner, photos of the Superintendent, School Board, Faculty, Student Council, and the Senior Class


Part 2 of 4 has twenty two pages of classes and activities


Part 3 of 4 has twenty nine pages which continue the activities and sports.


Part 4 of 4 has 23 pages of advertisments with many informal photos mixed with the ads.



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