Emerson Hall Conner


Personal and Family Information

Emerson was born on 1 Sep 1859 in Jackson County, Arkansas, the son of Bolivar B Conner and Eliza L. Hall.

He died on 13 Jan 1904 in Woodruff County, Arkansas.

His wife was Laura Nancy Cornelius, who he married on 26 JUN 1886 in Woodruff County, Arkansas. Their seven known children were William Bolivar (1888-1947), Ara Pat (1890-1963), Ruth Elizabeth (1892-1981), Christine Nielson (1895-1994), Laura Shell (1898-1990), Emerson Cornelius (1900-1978) and Earl Harold (1901-1957).

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Emerson Hall Conner


Bolivar B Conner


Eliza L. Hall



Birth1 SEP 1859
Place: Jackson County, Arkansas
Death13 JAN 1904
Place: Woodruff County, Arkansas
Census14 JUL 1860
Place: Jackson County, Arkansas
Address: Bay Twp, Augusta P.O. dwelling 725 family 725. B. Conner 31m farming born Tenn Eliza 25 f Virginia, William 4 m Ark, Annett 3f Ark, Emmsion 6/12 m Ark dwelling 728 family 728 J.H. Conner, 32 farmer Tenn Amanda 30 f Ala, James 7 m Ark, Martha 4 f Ark, Robert 1 m Ark
Census24 JUN 1870
Place: Woodruff County, Arkansas
Address: dwelling 309 family 280. Conner, Boliver B, 40 mw farmer $10,000 $2,300, bron Tenn ___ Eliza L 35 fw, keeping house born Tenn next page, Conner William 14 mw farm labor born Ark __ Nettie 13, fw at school born Ark __ Emmison 11 mw farm labor Ark __ Cora 6 fw Ark __ Minnie 4 fw Ark __ Johhine 2 mw Ark Hall William F 27 mw farmer $3,000, $3,000 Tenn Norris, William N, mw farm labor Tenn and 2 black servants
Census12 JUN 1880
Place: Woodruff County, Arkansas
Address: Augusta, dwelling 200, family 209 Conner, Bolivia B wm age 51 married, farmer, born Tenn f Ky, m Tenn __ Eliza wf, age 45 wife, married, keeping house, born Virginia, f&m Va __ William wm 24, son single farmer, born Ark, f Tenn, m Va __ Cora wf 16 daughter single, at home, born Ark, f Tenn, m Va __ Minnie wf 14 daughter single, at home, born Ark, f Tenn, m Va __ John wm 11 son single, at home born Ark, f Tenn, m Va and 3 boarder and 1 servant
Census1 JUN 1900
Place: Woodruff County, Arkansas
Age: 40
Address: Augusta dwelling 3, family 3 Conner, Emerson H, head, wm, Sept 1859, age 40 married 14 yrs, born Ark, f&m Tenn, merchant __ Laura C, wife wf, Oct 1864 age 35, married 14 yrs, mother of 6, 6 living born Ark, f Ala, m Tenn __ William B, son wm Aug 1888, age 11, single, born Ark, f&m Ark __ Arapat, daughter, wf Aug 1890, age 9, single, born Ark, f&m Ark __ Ruth, daughter wf July 1892 age 7, single, born Ark, f&m Ark __ Christine, daughter wf, Dec 1895, age 4, single, born Ark, f&m Ark __ Emerson C son wm, May 1900, age 2/12 single, single, born Ark, f&m Ark Nash, John servant, B M, Oct 1860 age 39, widower born Mississippi, f&m Mississippi
BurialJAN 1904
Place: Woodruff County, Arkansas
Address: Augusta Memorial Park, Plot: B, N35° 17.463’ W91°21.708’ with wife and parents Find A Grave Memorial# 34690922
Place: Augusta, Woodruff County, Arkansas
Address: home designed by architect Charles Louis Thompson (1868-1959)
Conner, E.H. and Laura - house

See Note 2
Will20 NOV 1903
Place: Woodruff County, Arkansas
Address: Augusta. EH Conner will names wife Laura, brother John L, and all 7 children from Woodruff County Record of Wills, Book1, pages 267-272 Transcriped Nov 2017, A. Bowie attached
Will, Conner, E.H.


Conner, Emer...
Historic Reg...


Note 1

Emerson H. Conner (1859-1904)
E.H. Conner is the son of Bolivar B. Conner. E.H. Conner organized the E.H. Conner Mercantile Company and later established a branch at Gregory, Arkansas. He was president of the Woodruff County Bank, and organized the Augusta Furniture Company and the Cotton Seed Oil and Gin Company. He and his brother, John L. Conner, operated a ferry at the foot of Locust Street. During the winter they would ferry their livestock across the river, and during the summer, they ferried people across the river to the sand bar for recreation. In 1884, E.H. Conner and J.P. House started a general merchandise company called, House & Conner. In 1901, E.H. Conner was appointed Commissioner of Public Buildings for Woodruff County. He proposed the plans for the Charles L. Thompson designed courthouse and jail to the County Court. The Woodruff County Courthouse (NR 12/22/82) was built shortly afterward. E.H. Conner also had C.W. Clark erect an iron fence around the courthouse and a clock chamber in the tower of the courthouse. The clock included a 1,000 pound, first-class bell. All of these items were approved by Judge T.E. Stanley.

National Register of Historic Places, Augusta Memorial Park Historic Section, application dated 4/4/2003, listed 6/6/2003


Note 2

Architect Charles Louis Thompson (1868-1959) of Little Rock, < refer to Encyclopedia of Arkansas History &Culture> designed three houses in Augusta.

E.H. and Laura Conner - 3rd and Plum Streets

John L and Conner - 4th and Main Streets, later used as Maguire Clinic

Willian Nathan and Mary Noel Gregory 2nd and Plum Streets


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