Grover Davis


Personal and Family Information

Grover was born in MAY 1886 in Woodruff County, Arkansas, the son of Elbert Davis and Josina Bethsheba Davis.

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Grover Davis


Elbert Davis


Josina Bethsheba Davis


Robert Milford Davis


Mary Elizabeth Cash



BirthMAY 1886
Place: Woodruff County, Arkansas
Census1 JUN 1900
Place: Augusta, Woodruff County, Arkansas
Age: 14
Address: Augusta, dwelling 15 family 15 Albert Davis head Dec 1867 age 33 married 8 yrs born Ark, father Kentuckty mother Tenn Sinie, wife wf, May 1886 age 34 married 8, mother of 3, 2living born Georgia, father and mother Georgia Grover son Oct 1892 age 7 Ark, Addie daughter Oct 1892 age 7 Ark,