John Derby Smith


Personal and Family Information

John was born on 9 Apr 1811 in Hanover, New Hampshire, the son of Nathan Smith and Sarah Hall Chase.

He died on 26 Apr 1884. The place is not known.

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


John Derby Smith


Nathan Smith


Sarah Hall Chase



Birth9 APR 1811
Place: Hanover, New Hampshire
Address: Thursday 6 PM
Death26 APR 1884
Other EventFROM 1863 TO 1865
Place: Fairfax Seminary Hospital
Type: Military Service
Address: after civil war - two years as Surgeon in U.S, Navy


EducationFROM 1832 TO 1846A.B. then M.D.
Address: Yale A.B. 1832 U of Maryland M.D. 1846


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