George Combe Kellogg


Personal and Family Information

George was born on 23 DEC 1841 in Bridgewater, Oneida Cty, New York, the son of John Leonard Kellogg and Nancy Smith Starr.

He died on 29 APR 1844 in Oneida County, New York.

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


George Combe Kellogg


John Leonard Kellogg


Leonard Kellogg


Phineas Kellogg


Olive Fraiser


Sally French


John French


Abigail B Gage


Nancy Smith Starr


Nahum Starr


Electa Lathrop



Birth23 DEC 1841
Place: Bridgewater, Oneida Cty, New York
Death29 APR 1844
Place: Oneida County, New York
Place: Oneida County, New York
Age: 2 yr 4 mo 17d
Type: son of JL and N.S. Kellogg
Address: Universalist Cemetery