Charles Saxon


Personal and Family Information

Charles was born in 1740 in New Kent County, VA, the son of Samuel Saxon but his mother is unknown.

He died on 7 OCT 1816 in Buffalo, Erie, New York.

His wife was Mary Washingon Lewis, who he married in 1759 in New Kent County, VA. Their nine known children were Charles jr (c1760-?), Joshua (c1760-?), Yancey (c1760-?), Polly (c1760-?), Sarah (c1760-?), Tabithaa (c1760-?), Hugh (1754-1805), Lewis Washington (1761-1813) and Mahoah (1778-?).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Charles Saxon


Samuel Saxon



Place: New Kent County, VA
Address: Laurens, South Carolina
Death7 OCT 1816
Place: Buffalo, Erie, New York
Other Event1773
Place: Laurens District, South Carolina
Type: Military Service


Note 1

The Heritage of Elmore County,Alabama page 485

By 1768, Charles Saxon joined the Regulators in Orange County, North Carolina. The Regulators protested high fees and taxes and agitated violenty for governmenent reform. After being defeated in battle by Governor Tryon's militia, some of the Regulators were tried, convicted and hanged. Charles and others were forece to leave North Carolina.

Charles Saxon moved to Lauren District South Carlina, about 1773, where he became an officer in the Revolutionary Army and also supplied provisions for the troops. After the war, he became a justice of the pease. His brother, Samuel Saxon, was a member of the convention that ratified the United States Constitution in 1788.


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