Maggie Mat Deese


Personal and Family Information

Maggie was born on 23 AUG 1874 in Lonoke County, Arkansas, the daughter of Culpepper Watkins Deese and Mary Elizabeth Sanders.

She died on 19 AUG 1949 in Altus, Jackson County, Oklahoma.

She had three marriages/partners. Her first husband was Howard A Reed, who she married on 24 DEC 1891 in Pulaski County, Arkansas. Their three known children were Rotha Alma (1894-1976), Carrie Willie (1895-1984) and Alice (1897-<1910).

Her second husband was Luther Moran, who she married on 15 JUL 1899 in Lonoke County, Arkansas. They had no known children.

Her third husband was Dustin Meridith, who she married in 1906 in maybe Oklahoma. Their two known children were Nadine Josephine (1909-1990) and Allie Jewel (1912->1950).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Maggie Mat Deese


Culpepper Watkins Deese


Milton Deese


Charles Dees


Easter Deas


Mary P.


Mary Elizabeth Sanders



Birth23 AUG 1874
Place: Lonoke County, Arkansas
Agency: Deese Family Bible, BK Deese, Austin Arkansas
Bible-Deese, CulpepperW Family

Death19 AUG 1949
Place: Altus, Jackson County, Oklahoma
Census15 JUN 1880
Place: Lonoke County, Arkansas
Age: 6
Type: with parents and 4 siblings
Address: ED 187, Prairie Township, dwelling 199, family 201
Census 1880 Arkansas, Lonoke County
Source: Census 1880 Arkansas, Lonoke County
Date: JUN 1880

Census12 JUN 1900
Place: Lonoke County, Arkansas
Age: 25 yr 9 mo 20 days
Type: with 2nd? husband and 3 daughters
Address: ED 75, Butler Twp, dwelling 98 family 100 a Reed family in dwelling 104 family 106
Census 1900 LonokeButler

See Note 1
Census26 APR 1910
Place: Jackson County, Oklahoma
Age: 34 born Arkansas
Address: Baucum Twp, dwelling 93 family 99 m2 4yrs 3/3 children
Census15 JAN 1920
Place: Altus, Jackson County, Oklahoma
Age: 46 born Ark
Type: with husband and 2 daughters
Address: 709 West Commence dwelling 30 family 50
Census3 APR 1930
Place: Altus, Jackson County, Oklahoma
Age: 59 born Ark
Type: Wd with daughter and roomer
Address: dau Jewel 18 b OK father b Kanas mother Ark dwelling 35 family 36
Place: Altus, Jackson County, Oklahoma
Address: Altus, Oklahoma named in Culpepper's obit




Note 1

Census 1900 Lonoke Butler dwelling 98 family 100 confirms Luther Moran with Maggie Deese and 3 daughters by first husband Reed. Note place of birth for all---Luther in Miss but father of Ropia, Carrie, and Alice born Arkansas

Also orginal image of census seems to have been revised. "9 years" is different ink on Luther and written over "1 year" on Maggie M. Maggie M also changed from "0 childen 0 Living" to " 3 and 3" the different ink.

see also Lonoke Marriage index for Marriage Maggie Reed and Luther Moran July 1899

there is a Reed family same page 1900 census, dwelling 104 family 166

Note 2

Family tradition that Maggie divorced Luther Moran because of his drinking problem. After 1900 census and probably before 1906.

The three girls were born to Maggie and Howard Reed The three girls were:

Rotha Alma Reed  b. 21 May 1894 - d. 12 Feb 1976 .She married Cecil Nash Smith (died 1959) 26 Dec. 1917 in Altus, Ok.  No children.

Carra Willie Reed  b. 15 Oct 1895  - she married Clarence R. Widby (born 1884) 19 Jan 1913 Altus, Ok.

  One child:  Howard Maurice Jr. Widby - b. 23 Aug 1916 in Altus, Ok.  Maurice died 9 June 1988.

The third daughter's name was Alice (which I got off the census) and family gossip was that Rotha accidentally shot her when they were both very, very young...probably shortly after the 1900 census.Not very discussed in family for obvious reasons.


Guess Maggie was definitely an adventurous person as she took the two girls to Shawnee, Indian Territory, Ok. where she opened a boarding house.  This must have been after the 1900 census and before 1908, as this is where she met Dustin Q. Meridith.  He and his brother Will were boarders in her house.

Don't know when she married Meridith, but soon after they moved to Altus, Ok where they had two girls:

My Mother:

Nadine Josephine Meridith b. 20 March 1909 (Altus, Ok) - died 30 April 1990 (in Dallas, Texas). She married Thomas Edward Christopher b .6 April 1908 -( Bellevue, Texas )  - died 30 Nov 1971 (in Dallas, Texas)

They had two girls:

Betty Ann Christopher b. 1931 (Altus, Ok) married Robert Eugene Lincecum (1930) in Dallas Texas 1952.

Mary Jo Christopher  b. 1932 (Altus, Ok)  married John A. Lowrey b. 1930 Carrollton, Texas


Allie Jewell Meridith  b.14 Sept. 1912 (Altus, Ok) - died Little Rock, Ark.  She married George Crain b. 1910 Elmer, Ok - d. Siloam Springs, Ark.

They had two children:

Jo Carol Crain - b. ?? (Altus,Ok)

Dustin Meridith Crain  b.14 Nov 1950 (Siloam Springs, Ark) - d. 1973??



  1. Census 1880 Arkansas, Lonoke County
    Source: Census 1880 Arkansas, Lonoke County
    Date: JUN 1880