Elizabeth Parker


Personal and Family Information

Elizabeth was born about 1795, the daughter of AAron Parker and Mary Martha Edwards. The place is not known.

She died on 26 AUG 1845 in Northampton Cty, North Carolina.

Her husband was John William Glover, who she married on 29 APR 1816 in Northamption County, NC. Their nine known children were Anna Rebecca (1817-1887), William H (1818-1891), James Washington (1822-1899), John Osborn (1827-?), Samuel (1829-1900), Mary M. (1831-?), Elizabeth Hawkins (1831-1887), Thomas P Monroe (1833-1872) and George Washington (1835-1914).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Elizabeth Parker


AAron Parker


Mary Martha Edwards



BirthABT 1795
Death26 AUG 1845
Place: Northampton Cty, North Carolina
Address: Eileen L Poss, Rt 2 Box 76, Cabot Ark, dated July 1981


Note 1

records by Eileen L Poss of Cabot, Ark in 1980 showed Elizabeth Parker as first wife who died 26 Aug 1845 in Northampton, NC, followed by the other three.

However 1850 census of Madision County Tenns has 17 year old Elizabeth Parker with John and Sylvia Glover and 6 of Glover children, 5 Allen children, and husband 22 year old Jacob Parker.

need confirmation that first wife was Elizabeth Parker also.