Charles Marcus Reid


Personal and Family Information

Charles was born on 3 JAN 1931 in Newport, Jackson County, Arkansas, the son of George Lee Reid, Sr and Gladys Edna Montgomery.

His wife was Mary Charlene Smithers, who he married on 25 Dec 1952 in First Baptist Church, Benton, Arkansas. Their two known children were Charles Markus (1956-?) and David Smithers (1960-?).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Charles Marcus Reid


George Lee Reid, Sr


Zechariah Booth Reid


William Lee Reid


Martha Ann Booth


Troupe Augustine Simmons


George McIntosh Troupe Simmons


Anne Eliza Gough


Gladys Edna Montgomery


Jackson Montgomery


Adah Theodora Massey



Birth3 Jan 1931
Place: Newport, Jackson County, Arkansas