Mary Bernstine Calk


Personal and Family Information

Mary was born about 1924 in Flordia, the daughter of Gilbert Dewitt Calk and Mary Theresa Simmons.

She has died but the date and place are unknown.

Her husband was Ollie Olsen. They were married, but the date and place have not been found. They had no known children.

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Mary Bernstine Calk


Gilbert Dewitt Calk


Mary Theresa Simmons


Holman Snell Simmons


Holman Felix Simmons


Theodora Mary Saxon


Annie (Snow) Belle Simmons


George McIntosh Troupe Simmons


Anne Eliza Gough



BirthABT 1924
Place: Flordia
Address: in a Sanitorium
Census15 APR 1930
Place: Palm Beach County, Florida
Age: 4 to 5
Address: 721 38th Street dwelling 281, family 302 Calk, Gilbert D head, rented, value $25 no radio mw, age 29 married age 20, born Ark, f South Carolina, m Ark, agent for Express __, Mary T wife of head, fw age 26 married age 17 born Ark, father & mother born Florida __, Anne E daughter fw 8 single born Ark, f & m Ark __, Gilbert Jr D son mw 7 single, born Fla, f & m Ark __, Mary B daughter fw 6 single , born Fla, f & m Ark Simmons, George M, brother in law mw 30 single born Ark, f &m Fla