Catherine DeWolf Lloyd


Personal and Family Information

Catherine was born on 12 JUL 1903 in Kennilworth, Cook County, Illinois, the daughter of John Eager Lloyd and Marquerite DeWolf Theobald.

She died on 19 JUL 1982 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Her husband was William Ward Clore, who she married on 26 SEP 1926 in Winnetha, Cook County, Illinois. Their two known children were William Ward (1931-1962) and Lloyd DeWolf (1936-?).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Catherine DeWolf Lloyd


John Eager Lloyd


Edward VII Lloyd


Edward VI Lloyd


Alicia Thompson McBlair


Mary Lloyd Howard


Charles Howard


Elizabeth Phoebe Key


Marquerite DeWolf Theobald


Samuel Theobald


Elisha Warfield Theobald


Sarah Francis Smith


Caroline Dexter DeWolf


Francis Le Baron DeWolf


Caroline Martin Dexter



Birth12 JUL 1903
Place: Kennilworth, Cook County, Illinois
Death19 JUL 1982
Place: Phoenix, Arizona
Age: 79y, 8d
Address: 11 East Rose Lane Phoenix, AZ 85012
Cause: undifferentiated carconoma-orgin unknown
Census21 APR 1910
Place: New Trier, Cook County, Illinois
Age: 6 born Illinois
Address: dwelling 55 family 55
Census 1910 Illinois, Cook County
Source: Census 1910 Illinois, Cook County
Date: 21 APR 1910

Census22 MAY 1940
Place: Cook County, Illinois
Age: 36
Address: New Trier, 654 Cherry St, household 176, rented $75, Clora, William, head, mw 38 m born Florida, samehouse 1935, broker for insurance, ___ Catherine, wife fw 35 married, born Illinois, samehouse 1935, social secretary in private business. ___ William Jr, son mw 9 single, born Illinois ___ Lloyd, daughter fw 3 single bron Illinois Holthaus, Ester, domestic fw 20 single born Iowa
Place: Talbot County, Maryland
Address: N 38° 51.28’ W076° 10.08’ Grave 98A Lloyd Family Cemetery Easton, Talbot County, Md


Lloyd -Hulda...
Lloyd Daught...


Note 1

Tucson Daily Citizen (Newspaper) - March 22, 1966, Tucson, Arizona... for three other robberies including the 1962 holdup in which Valley National Bank branch employe William Ward Clore Jr when he followed the robber Clore ...

probably two children --- Scott and Cheryl.

Scott may be the one who did inventoyr of gravestones in Lloyd family cemetary at Wye House. probably around time of Caddy;s death in 1982. Inventory eventually went to Peggy Wiemers and then to JoAnne Bowie..

Ward Clore died in connection with a bank robbery, in Arizona, phonex? JoAnne remembers parents saying Ward went after bank robbers and was killed? in the effort.

... shows dates born 29 Mar 1931 and died 19 Oct 1962. both entries have parents with spelling variations in each.

reference soucre: Social Security Death Index

Name: William Clore

SSN: 356-24-4012

Born: 29 Mar 1931

Died: Oct 1962

State (Year) SSN issued: Illinois (Before 1951)

Note 2

Cindy Clore

provides updates on Clore and related branches.

Aug 2017 My name is Cindy Clore and I am married to Richard Scott Clore (whose father was William Ward Clore, Jr. "Ward" and grandmother was Catherine DeWolf Lloyd Clore).  We were in Washington DC a couple of weeks ago and spent the day with Patti Wiemers and she shared your website with me.  What an amazing job you have done!!!

I believe from everything I have read, that Scott's grandmother went by the name of Catty....with a "y". I'm not sure if he is the one that did the list of burials, but it might have been something he found in his grandmother's stuff and just passed it on. Catty was great about documenting people and places.

We have tons of pictures. When Scott's grandparents died, he got about 20 of their photo albums and there are great pictures in there of Wye House and relatives. Many, many pictures of the three sisters (Marguerite, Scrap and Catty and their parents). Honestly, these are pictures that should be scanned in and shared with all the family. Sometime if you are in the Phoenix area, stop by--You would probably love some of these pictures. At some point, I can go through some of these albums and find pics for you.

Sept 2017

Catherine DeWolf Lloyd was born 7-12-1903 in Kenilworth, Illinois.

Catherine DeWolf Lloyd and William Ward Clore were married 9-25-1926 in Winnetka, Illinois.

They had two children:

William Ward Clore, Jr. born on 3-29-1931 and Lloyd DeWolf Clore, born on 5-3-1936.

William Ward Clore, Jr. married Mary Alice Tedrick on 10-5-54 in Salome, Arizona.

They had two children:

Richard Scott Clore, born 6-21-1955

Sheryl Clore, born 3-22-1957

**correction to your notes, William Ward Clore, Jr.'s remains were found in the mountains near Globe, Arizona.

Lloyd DeWolf Clore married Harry Charles Ray, Jr. in April of 1955 (couldn't find a date) in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. They were divorced after many years together and Lloyd is now married to Francis Daigre and they live in Spokane, Washington. <Francis Heno Daigre age 74 and Lloyd C Daigre, previous Kenner La>

Lloyd and Harry had 8 children:

Catherine Margaret Ray born 2-25-1956, divorced and has a couple of kids. Lives in Traverse City, Michigan.

Barbara DeWolf Ray born 6-14-1957, is now married to RJ David and lives in Pennsylvania. I believe she has a couple of kids from a previous marriage.

Anne Marie Ray born 8-2-1958, married to Mel Eunice. Lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and has one son William.

Harry Charles Ray III born 10-13-1959, single, has never married, no children. Lives in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Deborah Diane Ray born 11-22-1960, married to Jim Dalton and they have a couple kids. Lives in Cloudcroft, New Mexico.

Elizabeth Lloyd Ray born 9-23-1962, divorced, has several children. Lives in Coon Rapids, Minnesota.

Margie Mae Ray born 11-22-63, single, divorced from Jim Ruiz. Lives in Spokane, Washington.

William Ward Ray born 12-8-1965, single, has never married. Lives in Spokane, Washington.

That's about all I have for Lloyd's family.

Here is some info on Richard Scott Clore's family. Forgive me if this is too much. Not sure how much detail you want but you can pick and choose what you need.

Richard Scott Clore married Michelle Daniels in 1975 and they were divorced in 1983. They had two children:

Richard Scott Clore, Jr. born 7-10-1980. He is married to Tina Corey and they have one daughter Sage Corey Clore, born on 2-18-2016.

Catherine Danielle Clore, born 2-24-1983. She is married to Justin Plunkett and they have two children, Maggie Breann Plunkett, born 4-12-2008 and Nixon Royce Plunkett, born 11-24-2009.

Richard Scott Clore married Cynthia Renee Nannenga (ME!!!) on 6-2-1984. We have two children, David William Clore, born 12-26-1988 and Michael Ivan Clore, born 3-27-1990. Both are single and have no children.

I don't have much information on my husband's sister, Sheryl. We have no contact with her. I do know that she has been married a couple times and has one daughter, Anastacia ("Stacy") with her first husband, Clay Fluer (not sure of the spelling). The last we heard she was living in Minnesota.

Mary Alice was born on 9-13-1936 in Hot Springs, Arkansas (and died on 4-22-1990). would have been her 82nd birthday.

Yes she was the daughter of Harold and Myrtis Mae Tedrick and she went to North High. She was a close friend of Lloyd Clore and that's how she met Scott's dad.


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