Rex E. Pollard


Personal and Family Information

Rex was born on 5 DEC 1930 in Mississippi, the son of Walter Norman Pollard and Bessie Manley.

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Rex E. Pollard


Walter Norman Pollard


Richard Henry Pollard


Mary E. Trollenger


Bessie Manley



Birth5 DEC 1930
Place: Mississippi
Census15 APR 1940
Place: White County, Arkansas
Age: 8 to 9
Address: Bald Knob, ED 73-3, sheet 13 A (double entry for this family) house 272 Pollard, Walker N, head 50 born Miss, 1935 res Rural Woodruff County, Ark Bessiee M wife age 35 Ark, Maxine dau 11 born Ark, Rex son 9 born Miss, Bryce son 7 born Ark,Ray Dale son 5 Ark, Betty Sue dau 3 Ark, Glenn D son 0/12 Ark house 273 Webber, Herman 49 born ARk, Cora wife 42 born Ark, Wiemenia Daughter 21 Ark, Manly, Henry Lodger 68 Wd born Ala.
Census24 APR 1940
Place: White County, Arkansas
Age: 9
Address: Bald Knob Twp house 339. ED73-4 sheet 19B (double entry for this family) Pollard , Norman 50 born Ark, Bessie wife, 30 born Ark, Maxine dau 11 Ark , Rex son 9 Ark, Pryce son 7 Ark, Betty dau 3,
Place: 501 E 5th, Bald Knob, AR, 72010