Irene Jane Maxwell


Personal and Family Information

Irene was born on 30 NOV 1894 in Benton County, Arkansas, the daughter of John H. Maxwell and Daisie Dean Alfrey.

She died on 16 MAY 1980 in Lane County, Oregon.

Her husband was Henry J Hanekamp, who she married on 25 NOV 1920 in Lane County, Oregon. They had no known children.

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Irene Jane Maxwell


John H. Maxwell


Michael Burkhalter Maxwell


Ebenezer Maxwell


Martha Jane Griffin


America Jane Woods


William Harvey Woods


Mary Greaves Dickson


Daisie Dean Alfrey



Birth30 NOV 1894
Place: Benton County, Arkansas
Death16 MAY 1980
Place: Lane County, Oregon
Census14 JUN 1900
Place: Lane County, Oregon
Age: 5
Address: Willamette dwelling 92 family 92 Maxwell, J. H., head wm born Aug 1866 age 33 married 9 yrs, born Ark, f Tenn, m Ark, Preacher __ Daisy, wife, wf born Dec 1869 age 30, married 9 yrs, mother of 3, 2 living, born Ark, f Missouri m Ark __ H.E. son wm Feb 1892 age 8 single born Ark, f&m Ark __ Irene, daughter, wf Nov 1894 age 5 single, born Ark f&m Ark __ Paul, son Wm July 1899 age 10 months, single , born Washington, f & m Ark
Census8 JAN 1920
Place: Lane County, Oregon
Age: 25
Address: Eugene, Oak street, house 1574, dwelling 241 family 269 Maxwell, Johh H. head rents home, mw age 53 married born Ark, f&m Tenn, Mail Carrier, Rural __ Jane I, daughter fw age 25, born Ark , f&m Ark __ Paul S, son mw age 20 single born Washington , f&m Ark, U.S. Navy __ Leona M, daughter fw age 18 single born Oregon, f7m Ark __ Ethel T, daughter fw age 15 single born Oregon, f&m Ark
Census11 APR 1930
Place: Lane County, Oregon
Address: College Crest, on or near Lorane Highway, dwelling 87 family 87 Hanekamp, Henry J, head mw age 38, married at age 28, born Illinois, f & m Holland, bookkeeper for newspaper __ Irene J, wife fw age 35 married age 25, born Ark, f&m Ark, solictor for newspaper __ John, father mw age 75 Wd, born Holland, f&m Holland