James Leeper Woods


Personal and Family Information

James was born on 23 JAN 1802 in Georgia, the son of Francis Harper Woods and Martha Leeper.

He died on 10 JUL 1882 in Marshall County, Tennessee.

His wife was Amelia Muse, who he married on 25 NOV 1825. The place has not been found. Their thirteen known children were Issac Muse (1826-1852), Martha Leeper (1828-1867), Francis Leroy (1829-1919), George Bedford (1831-1880), Nancy Jane (1833-?), Mary Emily (1836-?), Samuel Orville (1837-?), James Allen (1837-1910), Thomas Hall (1842-?), John O. (1844-1881), Margaret Burr (1848-1914), Lemuel (1850-?) and Elizabeth Alice (1851-1861).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


James Leeper Woods


Francis Harper Woods


Samuel Woods


Elizabeth Patton


Martha Leeper


James Leeper


Mary Blair



Birth23 JAN 1802
Place: Georgia
Death10 JUL 1882
Place: Marshall County, Tennessee
Census21 NOV 1850
Place: Marshall County, Tennessee
Age: 48
Address: sub division 53, dwelling 125 family 125 Francis B Woods 41 m w farmer $2400 born Tenn, Margaret S 40 f w Tenn, Martha C 17 fw Tenn, Andrew M 15 mw Tenn, Sarah 13 fw Tenn, Francis 11 mw Tenn, Jane M 9 fw Tenn, John B 6 mw Tenn, James A 3 m w Tenn, Martha Woods 75 fw NC Dwellinf 127 family 127. James Wood 68 mw farmer NC, Francis H 25 m Tenn, Mary A 23 fw Tenn Insane, Thomas M 22 mw Tenn, James L 19 mw Tenn, Mary E 22 fw Tenn
Place: Marshall County, Tennessee
Address: Round Hill Cemetery, Belfast, Tennessee ind A Grave Memorial# 69132156
Will20 JAN 1848
Place: Marshall County, Tennessee
Address: Marshall County, Tennessee
Will-Woods, Francis H, Marshall Cty, Tennessee


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