Stella Graves Maxwell


Personal and Family Information

Stella was born on 20 DEC 1880 in Benton County, Arkansas, the daughter of Andrew Jackson Maxwell and Eliza Jane Woods.

She died on 9 OCT 1962 in California.

Her husband was Joseph Hector McLeod, who she married on 5 OCT 1898 in Benton County, Arkansas. They had no known children.

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Stella Graves Maxwell


Andrew Jackson Maxwell


Ebenezer Maxwell


Martha Jane Griffin


Eliza Jane Woods


Samuel Purviance Woods


Samuel "East" Woods


Anna Purviance


Elizabeth Greaves Dickson


Robert Dickson


Esther Moore



Birth20 DEC 1880
Place: Benton County, Arkansas
Death9 OCT 1962
Place: California
Census4 JUN 1900
Place: Lawrence County, Arkansas
Address: Strawberry twp McLeod, Joseph, head wm born June 1877 age 22 married 2 years born Ark, f Ark, m Texas __ Stella wife wf born Dec 1880 age 19 married 2 yrs mother of 1, 1 living born Ark, f SC m Tenn __ Lucile, daughter wf born Nov 1899 age 6 months sing born Ark f&m Ark
Census30 APR 1910
Place: Benton County, Arkansas
Age: 29
Address: Esculapia Twp, Rogers town, N Third Street dwelling 177 family 191 MCLeod, Joseph H mw 32 m1 11 yrs born Ark, f Ark, m United States, carpenter for house next page family 191 McLeod, Stella M, wife fw 29 m1 11 yrs mother of 4, 4 living born Ark, f Tenn, m Ark, dressmaker at home __ Lucite W, daughter fw age 10 single , born Ark f&m Ark __ Vesta J , daughter, fw 7, single , born Ark f&m Ark __ Thelma L, daughter fw 5 single , born Ark f&m Ark __ Madge J, daughter fw 2 , single , born Ark f&m Ark
Census10 JAN 1920
Place: Greene County, Missouri
Address: Springfield ward 2, South Grant street, house 625, dwellling 180 family 180 McLeod Joe H, head rents home , mw age 41 married born Ark, f&m Tenn, carpenter-cabinet __ Stella G, wife fw age 40 married, born Ark, f Tenn m m Ark , saleslady in Dept Store __ Thelma daughter fw age 15 single born Ark, f&m Ark __ Madge J , daughter fw age 12 single, born Ark, f&m Ark.
Census11 APR 1930
Place: Los Angeles, California
Address: Los Angeles, block 1980, Ozone Ave, house 19, dwelling 163, family 173 rented Joseph H McLeod mw age 53 married age 21 born Ark born Ark, f Ark m Ark , salesman, beverager ___ Stella G, wife of head fw age 49 married age 17 born Ark f&m Ark


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