Mary Polly Woods


Personal and Family Information

Mary was born in 1786 in Madison County, Kentucky, the daughter of Samuel Woods and Margaret Holmes.

She died about 1861. The place is not known.

Her husband was John Holmes, who she married on 14 DEC 1807 in Williamson County, Tennessee. Their seven known children were Margaret Helen (1811-1841), Carmina (1812-?), Cary H (1816-?), Samuel H (1817-1873), Caroline (1823-?), W. F. (1828-?) and David (1830-?).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Mary Polly Woods


Samuel Woods


Margaret Holmes


John Holmes


Jennet Wilson



Place: Madison County, Kentucky
Address: 1850 census
DeathABT 1861
Census27 AUG 1850
Place: Henderson County, Tennessee
Address: Dist 1,dwelling 21, family 21 Wood, Robert 26 m farmer Tenn Nancy C Wood 17 f Tenn Nancy Wood 9/12 f Tenn dwelling 23 family 23 Casey? H Woods, 24 m farmer $7500 Tenn Elizabeth Woods 27 f Tenn John Woods 9 m Tenn Mary Woods 7 f Tenn Martha Woods 5 f Tenn Margaret Woods 2 f Tenn Mary B Dysart 52 f Georgia dwelling 24 family 24 John Holmes 75 m farmer $2500 North Carolina Mary Holmes 63 f Kentucky William D Holmes 22 m farmer Tenn David Holmes 20 m farmer Tenn Donna? Holmes 38 f Tenn Mary Holmes 27 f Tenn dwelling 25 family 25 T. N. Black 37 m farmer $1000 Tenn Margart Black 30 f Tenn Thomas G Black 12 m Tenn Clarinda Black 10 f Tenn John Black 8 m Tenn Mary A Black 6 f Tenn James M Black 4 m Tenn Margart Black 1 f Tenn
Census5 JUN 1860
Place: Henderson County, Tennessee
Age: 73 Kentucky
Address: Dist 1 dwelling 27 family28 Mary Holms 73 f w farmer $800, $2000 born Kentucky Carmina Holms 48 fw, Tenn Caroline 37 fw Tenn W.F. Holms 32 m Tenn David Holms 30 M Tenn dwelling 30 family 31 Samuel H holms 43 mw farmer $2000, $3000 Tenn Grizzy A Holms 34 fw North Carloina Margart P Holms 11 fw Tenn Clemmentine S Holms 9 fw Tenn Samuel H holms 5 mw Tenn Mary B Holmes 3 fw Tenn Dwelling 25 family 26 Cary H Woods 44 mwhite farmer $6840, $9000, Tenn Cynthia E Woods 40 fw Tenn John V Woods 19 mw Tenn Mary A Woods 16 fw Tenn Martha E Woods 14 fw Tenn Nancy E Woods 8 fw Tenn Elizabeth J Woods fw 6 Tenn Elnena Woods, 3 fw Tenn Thomas E Woods 4/12 mw Tenn


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Note 1

Knox County Tennessess Probate Record, 5 Aug 1861, Mary J Holmes, inferred death 1861 in Tenness. names administrators Robert B Reynolds executor, C Powell and J.B. Ramsey witness August 1861


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