Elizabeth Airheart


Personal and Family Information

Elizabeth was born in 1916 in Woodruff County, Arkansas, the daughter of Clyde Staylor Airheart and Bessie McCurdy.

She died in DEC 2008 in Woodruff County, Arkansas.

Her husband was Rufus M Comer, who she married on 16 MAY 1940 in Cross County, Arkansas. Their two known children were Clyde (c1944-?) and Dell (c1948-?).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Elizabeth Airheart


Clyde Staylor Airheart


Bessie McCurdy


Junius N McCurdy


Isaac M McCurdy


Sarah Elizabeth Quiell


Martha Ella Cornelius


William Cornelius


Arabella White



Place: Woodruff County, Arkansas
DeathDEC 2008
Place: Woodruff County, Arkansas
Place: Woodruff County, Arkansas
Age: 23 to 24
Address: Augusta, Clyde A Airheart 60 Postmaster, Bessie 56, Elizabeth 24


Note 1

Rufus Comer Farms v First State Bank 47 Ark App 3 1994

CA 93-863 883 S.W. 2nd 265 Opinion delivered August 24, 1994

Appeal from Woodruff Chancery Court; Bentley E. Story, Chancellor; affirmed.

Fletcher C. Lewis, for appellant. Thaxton, Hout & Howard, by: Stephen G. Howard, for appellee.

JOHN MAUZY PITTMAN, Judge. On appeal, Rufus Corner Farms, a partnership comprised of Mrs. Dell Corner Rushing, Clyde Comer, and Elizabeth Corner, contends the chancellor erred in finding that its claim for rent was not protected by Ark. Code Ann. ยง 2-17-303 (1987) of the Public Grain Warehouse Law. We find no error and affirm.