Henry J McCurdy


Personal and Family Information

Henry was born in 1843 in Arkansas, the son of Samuel M McCurdy and Arabella M McCurdy.

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Henry J McCurdy


Samuel M McCurdy


Jonathan M. McCurdy


Tabitha Willis


Arabella M McCurdy



Place: Arkansas
Census19 DEC 1850
Place: St Francis County, Arkansas
Age: 6 to 7
Address: Franks Township dwelling 621 family 521 Samuel M McCurdy 33m Lawyer $1100 born Penn, Arabell M McCurdy 26 f $300 born Mi, Tabitha M McCurdy 56 f born Md, Isaac M McCurdy 34 m Lawyer $750 born Penn, Henry J McCurdy 7 m $450, born Ark, Clara S McCurdy 4 f born Ark, Josephine McCurdy 1 f born Ark
Census4 JUL 1860
Place: Jackson County, Arkansas
Address: Bay Township, Augusta P.O. Dwelling 506 family 506 JM McCurdy 68 b Nova Scotia? Febetha " 68 born Md dwelling 507 family 507 IM McCurdy 45 b Pennsylvania, Elizabeth " 38 born NC, Laura 6 born Ark, James 4 born Ark dwelling 508 family 508 A. McCurdy 33 female born Ohio, Henry 17 Ark, Clara 15 Ark, Freeman 9 Ark, Nora 7 Ark, Gertrude 5 Ark, Samuel 1 Ark
Other Event1861
Place: 8th Infantry, Arkansas, CSA
Type: Military Service