Mildred Hackley Conner


Personal and Family Information

Mildred was born on 20 FEB 1919 in Woodruff County, Arkansas, the daughter of William Bolivar Conner and Daryl Clay Sinclair.

She died on 20 NOV 1999 in Tarrant County, Texas.

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Mildred Hackley Conner


William Bolivar Conner


Emerson Hall Conner


Bolivar B Conner


Eliza L. Hall


Laura Nancy Cornelius


William Cornelius


Arabella White


Daryl Clay Sinclair



Birth20 FEB 1919
Place: Woodruff County, Arkansas
Death20 NOV 1999
Place: Tarrant County, Texas
Address: SS death index
Census15 JAN 1920
Place: Woodruff County, Arkansas
Age: 0
Address: Augusta, farm , dwelling 176, family 188 Conner, Boliver, head, mw 31, married born Ark, f Tenn, m Ark , farmer __ Daryl, wife fw abe 24 married born Missouri, f Ohio, mother Missouri __ Mildred, daughter fw 11/12, single born Ark, f Ark m Missouri
Census14 APR 1930
Place: Woodruff County, Arkansas
Address: Augusta dwelling 184, family 190 Conner, Boliver, head owns home with radio, mw age 41 married born Ark, f&m Ark, Gen Farmer __ Daryl, wife fw 34 married born Missouri, f Ohio, m Missouri __ Mildred Daughter fw age 11, born Ark , f Ark m Missouri __ Dick, son mw age 6, born Ark , f Ark m Missouri __ Laura, daughter fw age 5, born Ark , f Ark m Missouri
Census4 APR 1940
Place: Woodruff County, Arkansas
Age: 21
Address: Augusta, visit 24, rented house valued$20, on farm, Conner, W. Bolivar , Head mw age 51 m, 3 yrs college, born Ark, same house in 1935, vice president of bank, income $2400 __, Daryl, wife fw age 44 married 4 yrs high school born Missouri __ Mildred, daughter, fw 21 single, 2 y;rs college, born Ark __ Richard, son mw 16 single 2 yrs high school, born Ark __ Laura Daughter fw 15 single 8th grade, born Ark