Elk River Gage

Gage is downstream of Noel and a fair indicator of levels to Pineville, only a very rough indicator for Big Sugar above Pineville.
maybe OK indicator of Indian Creek from Anderson to Lanigan and Mt Shira
need to develop more comment about this gage for Elk and Big Sugar..

250 cfs is enough for Pineville to Mt Shira, but just ankle deep in many places.
about 390 cfs is ample for Pineville to Mt Shira
390 cfs also appears adequate for Indian Creek from Anderson to Lanagan and Mt Shira

about 1,200 cfs all pools are moving from Noel all the way upstream to Big Rock Camp.
.... maybe a foot of water going over Craig O'Lea slab.
.... Indian Creek at Lanagan running hard, some whitewater visible near bridge.

Pineville Public Access to Mt Shira is 7.3 miles
Deep Ford Public Acces to Pineville Access is 4.0 miles.

Map of Elk River, McDonald County, MO

McDonald County Map with access and river miles for Elk, Big Sugar, Little Sugar, and Indian Creek.

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