Crooked Creek

at Kelly's Crossing west of Yellville
....need to develop more comment about this gage.....
150 cfs is very low, but good for wade fishing from Kelly's Slab upstream

Pyatt Access (N36° 14.799' W92° 50.101' ) at US 62 Bridge to Snow Access - 6.4 miles
Snow Acess (N36° 14.623' W92° 47.988' ) to Kelly's Crossing (N36° 13.786' W92° 42.679' )- 12.0 miles
Kelly Crosing to Yellville City Park Access - 3.5 miles
Kelly Crossing upstream to top/north end of Bend 1.4 miles

This section of Crooked Creek lies just south of US 62/412 between Pyatt and Yellville, roughly 25 miles east of Harrison.

Snow Access is the most difficult of these access points to reach. Although it is only about 1/2 mile south of US 62/412, the road that goes there is a much longer round-about. The community of Snow is about 2 miles west of Pyatt on US 62/412, and as far as I could see consists only of Pioneer Propane distributor and a small building that could be a volunteer fire station. Turn south from US 62/412 onto MC 4006 at the Pioneer Propane distributor, MC 4006 bears left, then, just before the railroad, turn left onto Sharps Bend Road. Total distance is 2.3 miles on gravel roads.

Kelly's Crossing is west of Yellville, about 1 mile on MC 4002 and is at entrance to AFGC Fred Berry Conservation Education Center.

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