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Capitol Steps

Mrs. Smith Sixth Grade Class on Steps of Arkansas Capitol,
probably spring of 1958

Back Row, standing, L to R: unnamed tour guide, Mrs. K Eldridge, Mrs. M. Coleman, Secretary of State Crip Hall, Mrs K Smith.

4th Row: Linda Coleman, Francis Lambert, Margie Shields, Wilma Sparks, Carol Glass, Linda Ladd, Annette Stafford, Sharon Flanakin, Diane Taylor

3rd Row: Carolyn Neldon, Christine Totty, Margurette Kirby, Rosemary Dawson, Joyce Rouse, Drenda Lofton, Mary Ann Stark, Shirley Harris, Joyce Ivins.

2nd Row: Rhonda Davis, Naomi Woodson, Norma Hill, Paul Eldridge, Joe Stanley, Calvin Moon, Henry Foster, James Brown, Bennie Ladd, Sam Taggart.

Front Row: Herbert Lunday, Arthur Bowie, Don Wilson, Richard Lindley.

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