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Class of 1964 Grade School Teachers

Grade Years Teacher Teacher Principal US President Hit Song TV Movie
First 1952-53 Marie Herekamp Mrs. Sappington not ID'd Truman Jambalaya HowdyDoody High Noon
Second 1953-54 Lucile Miller Ardis Berry Kathryn Griffin Eisenhower That's Amore GabbyHayes Shane
Third 1954-55 Marguerite Fryer Mrs. Moore Charles Jackson Eisenhower Shake Rattle and Roll Disneyland DavyCrockett
Fourth 1955-56 Kathryn Griffin Mrs. Grammer J.E. McGuire Eisenhower Rock Around the Clock Ed Sullivan Lady and the Tramp
Fifth 1956-57 J.E. McGuire Rita Fowler not ID'd Eisenhower Hound Dog Gunsmoke The Searchers
Sixth 1957-58 Emma Bowie Katherine Smith Charles Jackson Eisenhower Peggy Sue Have Gun Will Travel Bridge on River Kwai

Music teacher for all these years was Mrs Juanita Felts.

Gregory School closed in June 1955, students came to Augusta in 4th Grade.

We were the second or third class to start at the new elementary school on north 4th street. The Class of 1962-Paul Brown, Raymond Bowen, etc- were last to start first grade at Laura Conner. That class moved into the new elementary school a few weeks after start of their first year. We were the last to graduate from the old Laura Conner High School building.

The listed movies were big hits in year listed, however the movies that most of use saw then were on Saturday afternoon at Lura Theater, admission was 16 cents plus 10 cents for a bag of popcorn. Typically those movies were the "B" westerns by Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, and the lesser stars, and were often several years old by the time we saw them.

CF Purifoy was Superintendent from September 1953 until after we graduated. Charles Jackson was principal at Laura Conner while we were in grades 6 and 7, Jack Hazelbaker was principal from 8th grade and on.

Here is how Lloyd remembers grade school teachers:
Let me put my two cents worth in, especially since my school years in Augusta were between 1952-1957. This was my lineup:
(1) Herekamp - a real wacco who cried all the time over the breakup with her boyfriend
(2) Miller, who was a lovely and warm human being and taught me how to spell
(3) Fryer, who was energetic and probably the best teacher of all
(4) Griffin, who had been there 100 years and seldom got up from her desk
(5) Fowler, who I can barely remember due to the shock of being told I had to leave Augusta and enter the Searcy school system in January 1957. Y'all can't imagine how traumatic that was for me to have to change schools at that age! You all were the lucky ones!

Scenes of Augusta, by Dan Gullic

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