1953 Laura Conner High School Devilaire

Yearbook of Laura Conner High School in Augusta, Arkansas.


Forty Six pages in this, a complete copy of the annual The LCHS building housed grades 7 thru 12. Senior Class president Donald Brady, with Paul Burrow VP, Dot Stone secretary, and Betty Brown Tresurer. Others in Class of 1953 include Mary Angelo, Nathan Arthurs, Lloyd Bowen, Patsy Coleman, Bill Crum, Jimmy Davis, Freed Duncan, Franklin Hendricks, Nell Kukn, Johhny Matlock, L.C. Paxton, Billy Ray Smith, JoAnne Taggart, and Betty Taylor.

One photo has been added at the back of the Deviliare, showing the Sr Boys Basketball team after winning the Woodruff County Tournament in McCrory. Thanks to John Matlock for the photo!



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add Basketball Champs 5 Aug 2011 A. Bowie

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