1952 Laura Conner High School Devilaire

annual of Laura Conner High School in Augusta, Arkansas.


Thirty four pages, maybe a complete copy of this annual The LCHS building housed grades 7 thru 12. Grades 1-6 were at the new elementary school on North 4th Street where group photos of each classes with the teacher is included. There was a chapter page titled "Administration" but I did not find photos or info about the administration in either of the copies of 1952 Devilaire when scanning at the Woodruff County Library 12/8/10. Those volumes were in a "three clamp" binder, some pages loose, and in general, not in good condition.

Senior Class President Jimmy Bowie, K Jennings VP, L Massey Secretary, D Benson Treasurer and K Whitmore Reporter. Others include Laura Beard, Sue Bankster, Francis McElwee, James Allen Miller, Bobby Pearrow, Bobby Stafford, Charles Taggart, Alvin Willis, Franklin Collier, Don Byrum, Charles Chalfant



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