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These families were neighbors and friends in Augusta. Additions, corrections, and comments are welcome.

Stanley, Jefferies, McCurdyVaughan families of Woodruff and Monroe Counties including CSA Brig General Vaughan. Jonathan M. McCurdy was a private in the War of 1812.

Lambert and Pollard families. I've really hit a wall with the Pollards, and haven't found the connection of all who are scattered thru eastern Arkansas. If you have information or photos to share, I would appreciate help.

A much better method to view and work with family history is to use genealogy software on your home computer. A good genealogy software package allows you to add information, photos, and documents about each person and family in an organized way. Most provide a variety of ways to view relationships, families, and all available information about an individual. Even the worst of those that I've tried are better than the hand written notes stuffed in folders and boxes that started so many of us. Lots of choices are available but comparison of important features can be difficult, particularity if you are just starting….. price isn't a reliable indicator either, you pretty well have try to find out how it works for your needs.

wikipedia comparision

wikipedia GEDCOM explaination

GEDitCOM II is by far the best I have found. Easy to use, powerfull and flexable, but runs only on Mac OS X.

Roots Magic is probably one of the best choices for windows OS and at least is a good one to get started. fee for on line access to all census records and many other public records. Also has large collection of active family trees, I think all levels of subscription allow for creating and nearly unlimited addition to your own family tree. Plenty of issues and opinion available, but you do lose control when you post, so be careful. Get Started page on Ancestry.

Hertiage Quest is available through public librarys, schools, and other instutations. Member libraries provide access in house and from home with your library card.

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