Pamela Eliott


Personal and Family Information

Pamela was the daughter of unknown parents. The date and place of her birth have not been found.

She has died but the date and place are unknown.

Her husband is not known. They were married, but the date and place have not been found. Their only known child was Carrie Belle (1877-1964).




Note 1

Painting of Pamela Eliott hangs in Peggy Ayers home in Mendam NJ as of November 2004.

It is oil painting of woman in dark clothes, white collar. Oval Frame about 22" x 19"

Backing is wood and is hand written "Pamela Eliott", "Gran",

Grandma Decker's Grandmother. "Bill Wiemers, Jr"

Archibald Willard, Painter.

A small print of Rev War Soldiers, 2 drummers and one fife marching in front of American flag is pasted on back above the name Archibald Willard.

Peggy also says Grandma Decker madien name was Eliott.