Elizabeth Bird


Personal and Family Information

Elizabeth was born on 25 SEP 1852 in St Louis, Missouri, the daughter of unknown parents.

She died on 18 SEP 1938 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Her husband was John Seyborne Moore, who she married on 25 OCT 1872. The place has not been found. Their ten known children were Matilida Eleanor Bowie (c1872-1952), John Seyborne (1875-1949), Julian F.X. (1876-?), Marie Emelia Lauretta (1879-1963), Eugene Elvynn Neville (1881-1952), Rose Genevieve (1883-1971), Gladys Claire. Kennedy (1885-1956), Gwendolin Marguerite (1888-1961), Muriel Vernet (1890->1990) and Ritta Antionette (1895-?).


Birth25 SEP 1852
Place: St Louis, Missouri
Death18 SEP 1938
Place: New Orleans, Louisiana