Edward Joseph Hamil


Personal and Family Information

Edward was born about 1820 in Scotland, the son of unknown parents.

He died in DEC 1891 in Marshall County, Illinois.

His wife was Anna Jane Simmons, who he married on 1 JAN 1842 in Coosa, Alabama. Their eight known children were Edward (1843-?), Howard Melanchon (1847-1915), Chalmers Felix (1848-1887), Sarah (1850-<1860), Julia (1859-1919), George G (1852-?), Albert (1856-?) and Robert (1861-?).


BirthABT 1820
Place: Scotland
DeathDEC 1891
Place: Marshall County, Illinois
CensusOCT 1850
Place: Marengo, Alabama
Age: 30 born Scotland
Address: dwelling 952 family 952 with wife, 3 sons and daughter
CensusJUL 1860
Place: Macon, Alabama
Age: 42 born Scotland
Address: Northern Division dwelling 168 family 171 Ministor with wife and 6 children
CensusJUL 1870
Place: Salt River, Audrain, Missouri
Age: 52 born Scotland
Address: minister with wife and 3 children dwelling 586 family 548