Washing Machine on the Cossatot, Dec 2013

Thanks to Richar Raney, Clay Cahoon, Landry Gibbs, Gannon White and Cowper Chadbourne.

Here is the Washing Machine in the falls of the Cossatot River at the low level of 3.3 feet. Air temperature this day was about 29 degrees.

and again normal speed.

Quoting Cowper Chadbourn - "Here's a commentary mostly for any non-boating friends: As Richard is pulled back toward the hole, you see him trying to do the right thing and paddling hard to escape, but at that water level, his paddle can't get a purchase on the water and scrapes across the top of the rocks instead. "

"Total sequence, 52 seconds, breath holding, only about 10 seconds. Not one, but two buddies standing by with ropes. And three more providing boat-based back up. As they see Richard has caught a rope and is being pulled to safety, in about 15 seconds you see two of the boaters turn to chase down gear, the third turns and looks over his shoulder, probably watching the boat to try to decide where he can do the most good; Richard was out of the water in a few more seconds, everything was recovered within a few minutes. Sometimes the best teamwork occurs with smaller groups like this. "

"Most, if not all of the participants have participated in specialized swiftwater training classes. In our group debrief discussions, we noted a minor possible improvement would be if only one rope had been thrown and the second held in reserve. "

"We learn from every experience. Thank ..those.. who take the time to provide this training, and to all my paddling buddies who have taken the time to attend! I would bet good money that Arkansas has a relatively high percentage of boaters who have attended one or more of these training workshops."

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