Instruction notes and outlines for Swiftwater Rescue and Canoeing,

For both ACA skills courses and Instructor Development Workshops

Avoid Trouble on the River

Planning a River Trip

Why bad things happen on the river

Principles of Rescue

Links to maps and other gages

Buffalo River Map with Gages
Be careful with this, The NPS uses 1900 cfs as flood at Ponca, but upsteam at Boxley is not labeled as flood until it reaches 6500 CFS. While quite possible that this is technically correct, it could be a very dangerous mis-interpertation of actual conditions not far from the gage.

Turner Bend Visual reading of the Mulberry, and more powerful whitewater.

All USGS in Arkansas

Ozark Whitewater Pages is the best for whitewater creeks all across Arkansas.

Old Maps of many float steams in Arkansas, 22 pages, newer and better guide is "A Canoeing & Kayaking Guide to the Ozarks" by Tom Kennon, 2004.

Flow Rates

USGS Stream Flow Data

Retrieved at 12:31 pm on Wednesday, Jan 22, 2020 Bentonville

These are rivers and gage interpretation are for gentle water canoeing, fishing, and canoe camping.

Be especially wary when these rivers are rising, when the current has floating debris, or when there is possibility of rain storms upsteam.

Site Number Site Name Flow - CFS Time Date Interpret&Map
07050500 Kings River near Berryville, AR 1,290 12:15 2020-01-22 07050500
07055607 Crooked Creek at Kelly Crossing at Yellville, AR 718 11:45 2020-01-22 07055607
07055646 Buffalo River near Boxley, AR 145 11:30 2020-01-22 07055646
07055660 Buffalo River at Ponca, AR 235 12:15 2020-01-22 07055660
07056000 Buffalo River near St. Joe, AR 1,450 11:45 2020-01-22 07056000
07069305 Spring River at Spring Street Bridge at Hardy, AR 1,300 12:15 2020-01-22 07069305
07188653 Big Sugar Creek near Powell, MO 318 12:15 2020-01-22 07188653
07188838 Little Sugar Creek near Pineville, MO 671 12:15 2020-01-22 07188838
07188885 Indian Creek near Lanagan, MO 752 12:15 2020-01-22 07188885
07189000 Elk River near Tiff City, Mo 2,700 11:30 2020-01-22 07189000
07195430 Illinois River South of Siloam Springs, AR 1,410 12:15 2020-01-22 07195430
07196500 Illinois River near Tahlequah, OK 2,850 11:30 2020-01-22 07196500

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