Louis Claude Paxton


Personal and Family Information

Louis was born on 19 MAR 1891 in Lexington, Mississippi, the son of unknown parents.

He died on 15 JUN 1940 in Memphis, Tennessee.

His wife was Grace Irene Haynes, who he married on 20 JUN 1934 in Crawfordsville, Crittenden County, Arkansas. Their only known child was Louis C. (1935-?).


Birth19 MAR 1891
Place: Lexington, Mississippi
Death15 JUN 1940
Place: Memphis, Tennessee
Place: Holmes, Mississippi
Age: 19 born Miss
Address: Beat 4 James T Pexton, 42, Mary E 36 with 8 children
Place: Crittenden County, Arkansas
Age: 27 born Miss
Address: single, parents born Miss
Census21 APR 1930
Place: Crittenden County, Arkansas
Age: 37 born Miss
Address: Jackson Twp, dwelling 315 fam 339 Paxon, Louis head mw 37 single born Miss, parents born Miss, US mail carrier with Knale, brother mw 29 single born Miss


OccupationMail Carrier in Crittenden County, Arkansas