Jane Elliot Curry


Personal and Family Information

Jane was born on 24 JAN 1822 in Lincoln County, Tennessee, the daughter of unknown parents.

She died on 4 SEP 1894. The place is not known.

Her husband was Lawson Henderson Dickson, who she married on 24 OCT 1839 in Shelby County, Illinois. Their only known child was Isaac F. (1842-1891).


Birth24 JAN 1822
Place: Lincoln County, Tennessee
Death4 SEP 1894
CensusAUG 1850
Place: Shelby County, Illinois
Age: 28
Address: Cochren Grove, dwelling 176 family 176 John Curry age 65 male $1400 born Virginia Elizabeth Cury age 64 femalb born Tennessee George Hopkins age 14 born Indiana Jane Dixon age 28 female $800 born Tennessee Isaac age 8 male born Illinois