Daniel McKissick


Personal and Family Information

Daniel was born in 1749, the son of unknown parents. The place is not known.

He died on 18 NOV 1818 in Shelbyville, Tennessee.

His wife was Jane Wilson, who he married in 1776. The place has not been found. Their three known children were Mary (1780-1853), James (1783-1848) and David (1786-1863).


Death18 NOV 1818
Place: Shelbyville, Tennessee
BurialNOV 1818
Place: Bedford County, Tennessee
Address: McKisick Farm Cemetery, Shelbyville Find A Grave Memorial# 86327520
Other EventFROM 1779 TO 1780
Place: Lincoln County, North Carolina
Type: Military Service
Address: a Captain under Col. William Graham. 1779, attached to Col. Charles McDowell (Burke County Regiment) at the battle of Stono Ferry, SC. 1780 Fall of 1780, a Major. 1781, a Lt. Colonel after the battle of Cowpens, SC. From what is now Catawba County


Rev War Conn...


Note 1

Lt. Col. Daniel McKissick was born in 1749 and died November 18, 1818. He is said to have come to America with his parents when he was about ten years of age or younger. He was not known until he married Jane Wilson in Lincoln County, North Carolina in 1776 and when he was twenty seven years of age. They were married by the Rev. Lyle of the Sugar Creek Presbyterian Church. He established his home in Lincoln County (now Gaston County), North Carolina, and was a neighbor of General Joseph Dickson. Daniel McKissick was a Captain of Dragoons and Lieutenant Colonel in the North Carolina Militia during the Revolutionary War. On June 20, 1780, in the Battle of Ramsour's Mill, which was fought about ten miles from his home, he was severely wounded in his left arm. When his wife was notified that he had been wounded and left for dead on the battlefield, she went to the battlefield immediately. Searching among the dead and wounded, she found her husband and carried him to the Rhinehart House nearby, where they remained until he could be carried home. He had only partial use of his arm for the remainder of his life. From 1780 to 1798 he served alternately in the House of Representatives and the Senate of North Carolina. About 1807, Daniel McKissick and his wife, Jane, moved to Bedford County, Tennessee. He settled on a farm about seven miles south of Shelbyville. He is listed as one of the early settlers in Bedford County. He was appointed as one of seven commissioners to select a county seat for the new county in 1807. He was also the first Circuit Court Clerk of Bedford County. He died November 18, 1818 at age 69 and is buried on his farm in Tennessee. 

Find A Grave Memorial# 86327520

Note 2

At least six children of Joseph Dickson and Margaret McEwen apparently married children of men that served with him in American Revolution:

James L & Agnes Moore 1786

Robert & Ester Moore 1796

Joseph & Sarah Moore 1793

John B & Margaret McKisick 1798

Ezeliel & Mary McKisick 1802

William & Margaret McDowell 1801