Almanza Bunch


Personal and Family Information

Almanza was born on 21 APR 1863 in Missouri , the daughter of unknown parents.

She died on 17 DEC 1938 in Randall County, Texas.

Her husband was William Harvey Woods, who she married on 5 SEP 1883 in Benton County, Arkansas. They had no known children.


Birth21 APR 1863
Place: Missouri
Death17 DEC 1938
Place: Randall County, Texas
Age: 75
Address: Texas Death Cert names spouse WH Woods, father Garrett Bunch, mother Mary Wilson
Place: Benton County, Arkansas
Address: Garland visit 204 family 205 William H Wood 36, Almansy 36 mother 6, 5 living, Winfrey 15, Carrah 13, Frank 10, Bonnie 5, Eugen 8 months