Almanza Pakamira Bunch


Personal and Family Information

Almanza was born on 21 APR 1863 in Missouri , the daughter of unknown parents.

She died on 17 DEC 1938 in Randall County, Texas.

Her husband was William Harvey Woods, who she married on 5 SEP 1883 in Benton County, Arkansas. Their seven known children were James Winfrey (1884-1947), Carrah (1886-1939), Frank J. (1889-1920), Lillie Allie (1891-1896), Bonnie (1894-1970), Eugene Wille (1899-1981) and Vera L (1904-1987).


Birth21 APR 1863
Place: Missouri
Death17 DEC 1938
Place: Randall County, Texas
Age: 75
Address: Texas Death Cert names spouse WH Woods, father Garrett Bunch, mother Mary Wilson
Place: Benton County, Arkansas
Address: Garland visit 204 family 205 William H Wood 36, Almansy 36 mother 6, 5 living, Winfrey 15, Carrah 13, Frank 10, Bonnie 5, Eugen 8 months
Census25 APR 1910
Place: Benton County, Arkansas
Age: 47
Address: Garland Twp, dwelling 86 family 86 Woods, William H, head mw age 47 m1, 26 yrs, born Ark, f&m Tenn __ Almantha P, wife, fw age 47 m1, 26 yrs mother of 7, 6 living, born Missouri, f Kentucky, mother Illinois __ Obonnie P, daughter, fw age 15 single born Ark f Ark m Missouri __ Willie E son mw age 10 single born Ark f Ark m Missouri __ Vera L, daughter fw age 5 single single born Ark f Ark m Missouri family 85 dwelling 85 Woods, Margaret C head, fw age 75 Wd, mother of 4, 1 living born Tenn, f&m Tenn __ Margaret A, daughter fw age 41 single born Ark f & m Tenn __ Asa J, hired man , mw age 61, m1, 41 yrs born Ark, f&m Tenn dwelling 87 family 87, Woods, James B, head mw age 24, m1 , 7 yrs, born Ark, f Arkm m Missouri __ Ella L, wife fw age 24 m1 , 7yrs, mother of 3 , 3 living, born Ark, f&m Ark ___ Vesta L, daughter fw age 5 single born Ark, f&m Ark ___ Robert G son mw age 3 single born Ark f&m Ark ___ Zira C, daughter fw, 1 yr 1 mo, single, born Ark f&m Ark
Place: Randall County, Texas
Age: 75
Address: Dreamland Cemetery, Canyon, Plot: D-26 Find A Grave Memorial# 45730823 with husband and son, links to parents and siblings