Charles Rench Galloway


Personal and Family Information

Charles was born on 12 OCT 1904 in Cleveland, Ohio, the son of unknown parents.

He died in JUL 1969 in Pulaski County, Arkansas.

His wife was Cora Virginia Eldridge, who he married on 16 JUN 1926. The place has not been found. Their three known children were William Perry (1930-1996), Charles Rench (1927-1958) and Virginia Anne (1928-2006).


Birth12 OCT 1904
Place: Cleveland, Ohio
DeathJUL 1969
Place: Pulaski County, Arkansas
Census18 APR 1930
Place: Pulaski County, Arkansas
Age: 25
Address: Little Rock, 1800 Morth Monroe, dwelling 419, family 426 Gallowya, Rench, head owns home $9500, with radio, mw age 25, married age 21 born Ohio, f &m Ohio, Sales Manager, Whol Electric __ Virginia, wife of head fw age 26, married age 22 born Ark, f Ark m Tenn __ Rench, Jr, son mw 2 9/12 single born Ark, f Ohio, m Ark __ William P, son mw 3/12, single born Ark, f Ohio, m Ark __ Alice daughter fw 1 5/12 single born Ark, f Ohio, m Ark Taylor, Florence, servant f neg, age 32 widow, born Tenn, f&m Tenn
Other Event23 JUL 1942
Place: Baltimore County, Maryland
Type: Military Service
Address: Charles R Galloway, Birth Year: 1904, Ohio, resident of W Carroll, Louisiana Private, 1 yr of college, divorced, without dependents, h 68” wt 166#
Galloway, WWII Registration