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Laura Conner High School, Augusta, Arkansas

A collection of Yearbooks from 1948 to 1965.


Presented here are several genealogy studies of three different groups of families and the cemeteries where many of each group are buried.
First is the largest and primary is of my own family including: Simmons, Saxon, Bowie, Flynt, Deese, Baldwin, Wiemers, Kellogg, Lloyd, Rich, deWolf, and associated families.
Next are a two small studies of families and friends that I knew in Augusta, Woodruff County, Arkansas includes Stanley, Jefferies, McCurdy, Conner, Eldridge, Pollard and Lambert.
Last, a new, active (2019) study of some of the Pioneer Families/Early Settlers in Benton County Arkansas. Focus is on Woods, Dickson, and the cemeteries where the earliest were buried.

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26 Jan 2019

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